Compass Kids Early Childhood is our weekly environment created for your infant (six weeks) through preschooler-aged children! We can’t wait to meet them! We know things are busy at this stage in life and your children are learning and growing in amazing ways. We are ready for them!

We believe in active, hands-on approach to learning with preschool children. So, you can plan on a lot of jumping, singing, dancing, and laughter in every experience. Be on the looking for fun crafts and big games. We look forward to helping your preschoolers learn more about God.

We partner with you for spiritual growth for your child. We plan a full hour and 15 minutes for your child that inlaces Bible stories, songs, crafts, games, and best of all, small group time for prayer and discussion. It is our hope that your children will learn: God MADE me. God LOVES me. Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever


0-1 Years

The serving team members in our nursery rooms have a love for children of this age and look forward to caring for the needs of your child. Our team will pay careful attention to each child, while telling them about Jesus and how special they are to him.

2-3 Years

children will meet in a circle each week in their classrooms and learn about God in a meaningful and developmentally appropriate ways through their Bible Story and hands-on activities.

4-5 Years

classrooms will participate in “Large Group” for their Bible story and worship. This is a full production they will not want to miss. Ask them about it!


6 – 11 Years

At Compass Kids Elementary, we believe the Bible should never be boring, worship can be really loud, and good leaders always care. Before kids head off to middle school, we want to make sure these three things stick:

  • I need to make the wise choice.
  • I can trust God no matter what.
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated.


The focus in Elementary is our small group environment. We want kids to see how God’s Word fits into their lives, to learn how to talk to Him, and to build friendships that will last. That’s why it’s important to make sure your child connects with the same friends and same leaders EVERY SUNDAY!


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Compass Kids is available during both services. Please contact us if you have any questions.



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